Sunday, August 12, 2007

Many Itawamba County Schools Dotted the Countryside Before Consolidation

At one time most every community in Itawamba County had a school. The countryside was literally dotted with these small community schools. Today scores of the schools are no longer with the only thing left are memories. It was not until the 1950’s when school consolidation took place that many of Itawamba’s small country school were consolidated into larger schools.

One such school was Austin. Pictured above is the 1936 Austin basketball team. According to the family names of the basketball players, this school was probably located in northwestern Itawamba County north of Twenty-Mile bottom in the Ozark-Kirkville area. If any reader has information about Austin School, please contact the society.

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Anonymous said...

Look closely at the names under each boys' feet in the picture at Austin school 1936.....If you have a good copy or original picture of this, a magnifying glass would do. The names should be published with the pic to help us learn more about the school and community.