Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New York Times Online Archives 1851-1923 And More Now Free

At midnight last night, The New York Times stopped charging web fees for parts of its website including columnists and archives back to 1987. Articles going back twenty years are now free. But a most important part of this change for researchers is the older archives from 1851 through 1923 are now free. The researcher can view, not transcribed articles, but actual images of those historical articles in PDF format. This is a major development in providing free online access to historical records. To search the newspaper archives visit and in the fourth column select “The Archive” link. This link will take you to a query page. To query the free-view newspaper articles from 1851 to 1923, in the drop down menu to the left of the search button, select “NYT Archive 1851-1980.”

Link to AP Article

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