Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baptizing at Jones Crossing on Bull Mountain Creek: 1917

Pictured above is a church group at Jones Crossing on Bull Mountain Creek attendeding a baptizing service. Fifty-four people are shown in the photograph. The baptizing took place during 1917. Family surnames represented in the photograph include Raper, Gilmore, Clements, Cole, Thomas, McNeese, Kennedy, Stevens, Phillips,Bennett, Wallace, Cook, Doster, Wiggington, Jetton, among others. Jones Crossing is the site of an early Itawamba County mill. For further information about this historic site, see the Jones Mill article on this blog.

A larger version of this photograph is scheduled to appear in the Summer 2008 issue of Itawamba Settlers magazine with identification of 54 people shown in the old photograph.

Photograph Courtesy of Robert Vaughn, Amory, Mississippi


Anonymous said...

I am very curious about "Bull Mountain Creek" - when I was a young girl and hearing of those "winter rains and all that clay base of the unpaved roads in western Marion Co. AL" when my grandfather, Morman Stone, rural mail carrier of Bexar delivered the mail "up on Bull Mountain", I honestly thought there was a mountain north of the Shottsville community. It wasn't uncommon for him to slip into the ditch and have to get a farmer and his mules to pull him out. Now I read of "Bull Mountain Creek" in Itawamba County and realize this must be quite a long water tributary. Can someone tell me of its' origin? Bettye

Bob Franks said...

Interesting story Bettye. Was Morman Stone related to the Stone family at Tremont in Itawamba County? Bull Mountain Creek is the major drainage creek in eastern Itawamba County. Enterering Itawamba from Marion County, Alabama about 4 1/2 miles northeast of Tremont, several creeks empty into Bull Mountain Creek on its way to the Tombigbee including Hurricane, Cypress, Briar, Johns, Jims and Bluff creeks. Bull Mountain Creek runs into the Tombigbee right near the Itawamba and Monroe county line near Highway 25 South. Folks here call the high ridge west of the Bull Mountain Creek bottom, Bull Mountain. I too would like to know the origin of the name.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dilmus Johnson Stone, founder of Stonecrossroads (it is known as Tremont on today's maps)was a brother of Pharis Stone, Morman Stone's grandfather - my GG grandfather. Dilmus and Pharis were children (#1 & 4)of John Stone and Annie Elizabeth Lyles (Liles) Stone, born in VA and pioneers to Spartanburg Co., SC, GA, and St. Clair, Bibb, Perry and Marion Counties in Alabama.Bettye