Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tasty Cantaloupes From a Special Garden

Fresh garden cantaloupes are a special treat during this time of year. Last night I enjoyed a chilled fresh cantaloupe (pictured above) as a tasty dinner dessert. Over the past couple of weeks, a friend and co-worker, Gwyn, has been sharing the bounty from her land east of Fulton, with friends and neighbors. Beautiful and tasty garden-ripe watermelons, including the moon and stars variety and luscious cantaloupes have been a welcome gift by those who know her. Her neighbor Leon gardens a spot on her beautiful place and these wonderful gifts from the earth come from that spot of land.

Gwyn and her husband Dale, enjoy the beautifully landscaped home (pictured) that sits upon historic land. This property was once part of the John Clifton plantation west of Bull Mountain Creek the Clifton family purchased during 1838. After the Civil War this land was owned by the Bookout family and it was during this era, the white frame house with a spacious verandah was built.

Gwyn is active in the local garden club and by viewing the home and park-like grounds her long-time garden club membership is quite evident. She is an active worker in her church and community and is the type of person who lets nothing go half undone. And by the way, for those who have not tasted her home-canned blue ribbon sweet pickles, you have definitely missed a savory treat!

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