Sunday, January 4, 2009

Featured Blog for January: Granite in My Blood

Editor’s Note: As a new feature of Itawamba History Review, I will periodically be spotlighting blogs with an Award of Merit that I feel are an excellent asset to the research community. Following is the January 2009 featured blog:

Midge Frazel of Massachusetts is the author of Granite in My Blood – a well-written and easily-navigated blog relating to genealogy, history and gravestone studies. A member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Midge is a writer, consultant and genealogist. Granite in My Blood, simply put – is what a blog should be. It is a well-researched and written informal journal relating to her research endeavors. It is an interesting eclectic mixture of research, photography and personal articles reflecting her keen interest in genealogy, history and family.

When regular readers visit a blog they expect to find new content. Midge does not disappoint her readers in this area. The blog consistently has fresh new content and is lavishly illustrated with some of the most remarkable gravestone photography I’ve had the pleasure to view. And a regular audience likes to know what to expect. Granite in My Blood continuously has a pleasing layout and design using a good choice of colors and fonts, making the blog easy to read. Upon reading the blog articles, it is evident the author is a careful and meticulous researcher with a keen eye for detail. Midge definitely keeps herself in the shoes of her loyal readers. Do yourself a favor by visiting Midge in New England through her excellent well-written blog - Granite in My Blood.

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