Monday, July 27, 2009

Dulaney Family Reunion is August 29

The Dulaney Family Reunion and Traditional Dinner on the Ground will be held Saturday, August 29 beginning at 11 a.m. The big event will be held at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, northeast of Fulton.

The meal will be at noon and everyone is asked to bring their favorite covered dish, drinks and lawn chairs. Ice will be provided by Dulaney's Grocery. All descendants and relatives of the first Dulaneys of Itawamba County are invited to attend.

The three Dulaney brothers - John, Alfred and Gilbert, arrived in Itawamba County around 1833 along with their mother Rhoda Thrasher Dulaney, widow of Thomas. John, the oldest brother was born in South Carolina while Afred and Gilbert were both born in Tennessee. In addition to their sons, Thomas and Rhoda had two daughters - Elizabeth and Nancy. Thomas and Rhoda were South Carolina natives who married about 1802 and moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee before 1808. Records are found there of Thomas serving as a constable and captain of the 2nd Regiment of the Tennessee Militia. Following the War of 1812, Thoma and Rhoda moved their family to Alabama where family legend indicates that Thomas was killed in 1829 when his gun accidentally discharged while visiting relatives in St. Clair County.

The three Dulaney brothers have hundreds of descendants in Itawamba County today. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren intermarried with many families including McNeece, Senter, Wilemon, Chilcoat, Johnson, Moxley, Brown, Hood, Tucker, Robinson, Works, Digby and many others.

The Dulaneys of Itawamba County have a proud and rich history. The task of documenting this history is a daunting task. However, family members are making progress. They ask all family members to help them show a complete picture by adding their family's pictures and memorabilia to the Dulaney family database.

Scanners, computers and copier, as well as operatorsm, will be at the reunion and reunion organizers ask that all those attending bring their family's old pictures, letters and memorabilia so they can find their rightful place in the Dulaneys of Itawamba County history.

For more information about this family reunion, contact Don Dulaney at 662-322-0466.

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Don Dulaney said...

Bob, Thank you so much for the Post. It was very nice of you to take the time to do it. Mona and I are counting on you being at the reunion. I hope you can make it.
Thanks again