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Historical Society's Archival Photograph Collection Being Placed Online

The Itawamba Historical Society’s Gaither Spradling Library houses hundreds of photographs from Itawamba County's past and as an ongoing project, the society will be publishing many of these photographs online. The society’s collection includes Itawamba people, places and events and covers a time span of 1860 until 1960. If you have old photographs from Itawamba County's past, please consider sharing them with the society and fellow researchers. Photograph copies may be mailed to the society at: PO Box 7, Mantachie, MS 38855. Scanned images may also be emailed to the society. The society will publish submitted photographs in the online collection, and also place a copy in the Gaither Spradling Library. To visit the society’s online photographic gallery, visit To-date the following 75 photographs have been placed online:

The Barber family of Centerville Community north of Mantachie

David H. Beard at work in his shoe repair shop in Fulton during the 1920s

Centerville School group during the 1920s

Centerville School House and Group ca. 1918

The Cockrell String Band of Itawamba County at a Woodman of the World meeting at the Lee County Courthouse in Tupelo

Laying of the Cornerstone at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton during 1921. The village of Fulton is pictured in the background

The Malachai Crawford Cummings home (Sunny Dell) north of Fulton.

Evergreen's First Automobile

Dance Recital Group in front of Itawamba Agricultural High School ca. 1923

Jessie S. Sheffield (son of Adam Sheffield) and wife Minnie Caroline Shields

The old Itawamba Agricultural High School Administration Building ca. 1955

Itawamba Agricultural High School ca. 1925. The Mississippian Railway tracks are in the foreground

Mantachie Street Scene ca. 1918 (Al Grissom, rural mail carrier is in wagon)

Dr. Norman W. Nanney with wife Vivian and children Syble and Havolee at their new home at Mantachie ca. 1913

Congressman John Elliott Rankin speaking to citizens on the Fulton town square

Old tintype portrait of two women from an old family trunk belonging to the John Thomas Riley family. These two women are probably Cason sisters

Old tintype portrait from an old family trunk belonging to the John Thomas Riley family. This is probably John Thomas Riley

The Alfred Henry Rutledge family in front of their home in the Cardsville community.

William Sheffield, son of Adam Sheffield of Wilcox County, Alabama

A candidate speaking at White Springs Resort south of Fulton during the 1890s

Newly opened Bankhead Highway in Itawamba County west of Fulton. The photo taken atop River Hill west of Fulton looking east ca. 1937

Ruth Boren with other children playing at an old abandoned steam mill at old Center Star near Mantachie ca. 1910

James M. "Duff" Cockrell and wife Sallie Ford

Samuel Mansfield Franks Portrait

The town square in Fulton during the 1890s

The Mantachie Hotel located on Church Street during the 1890s.

David Buse (born April 1854, died Oct. 27, 1932 in Texarkana, Arkansas)

Thomas Buse (born March 1862, died December 1912) with wife Mary Gassaway of the Mantachie area

The John Buse family of the Oak Grove area

James Herrington McMillen and wife Mary Brown of the Fawn Grove community

James Ezra Sandlin (born 1893, son of Augustus and Margaret Sandlin) and unidentified woman, probably wife Mary

Elizabeth J. Sheffield

The Marion Albert and Elizabeth Gillentine Cockrell family of the Mantachie area

Elijah and Jane Cofield Cockrell

James and Nancy Cockrell Thornberry of the Centerville Community

Rev. Benjamin R. East and wife Jane Cockrell

The James and Nancy Cockrell Thornberry Family of Centerville

Benton Cockrell Portrait

Stacy Harriet Johnson Buse Portrait

Marion Albert and Elizabeth Gillentine Cockrell Portrait

A group of workers and farmers hauling cotton to a cotton carding factory in the Cardsville community west of the Tombigbee River around 1890

The old steam locomotive on the Mississippian Railroad

A singing school group in Itawamba County near Mantachie around 1905

A group crossing the creek at Grissom's Mill in northeastern Itawamba County during the 1890s

Nicholas and Jane Hill Horn portrait taken during the 1800s

Centerville School faculty during the 1930s

Benson family photograph at the James Garvin Benson house near Fulton during the 1920s

The Casper and Annie Wallace Family south of Fulton in the Tilden-New Salem Community

John Sheffield Portrait

Charlie and Dora Ann Moore Sheffield Portrait

The Chilcoat Family Portrait

The Barber Family Portrait

Stephen Horn Family photo taken around 1900

Perry Horn Family photo taken around 1900

Group Photograph of the Oakland School during the 1940s.

Mary Jane Lowry Portrait

The Fulton Garmet Factory located in Fulton at the present site of BancorpSouth. This photograph was taken during the 1930s

The Barnes family of the Tombigbee Community

The Thomas Benjamin Wilson Family

John L. Thomas, son of Labon and Rachel Sharp Thomas in Confederate uniform

William E. Thomas, son of Laban and Rachel Sharp Thomas in Confederate uniform

The Davis Cummings family lived north of Mantachie

The Nabers Family Portrait

Children of Laban and Rachel Maples Thomas

John Hiram Boyd (born January 19, 1811) Portrait

Sulphur Springs School Group: 1924

Itawamba County Confederate Soldiers Reunion before 1900

The Clayton Brothers: Matthew, Daniel, Elijah, Brooks and Noah T.

Claude Elbert Gregory and wife Maude Dee Ballard Gregory

Wiley Hopkins Bean Portrait

Loyd William Robert "Bob" Hall and wife Sallie Maria Francis Hall

Hall's Store on the headwaters of Gum Creek

Brothers Frank, Graden and Lyonel Senter of Fulton

The John Thomas Riley family of the New Chapel Community

The Raden House at Beans Ferry on the banks of the Tombigbee

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Anonymous said...

The 'very tall man" in photo of Confederate Soldiers reunion pre 1890 could very well be my greatgrandfather Carey Willis Austin from Mooreville.
James Franklin Austin Jenkins