Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Photographic Exercise: Fulton Town Square Then and Now Part II

Yesterday's post was a comparison of photographs of the same scene on the Fulton town square taken sixty years apart. Today, are two photographs taken of the same scene more than one hundred years apart. The photographs show Gaither Street on the town square in Fulton looking north. The photographs were taken from West Wiygul Street. Gaither Street was named for the Gaither family, early settlers of Fulton. The Gaither family came to Fulton around 1840 and began a mercantile business. There had been a retail business on the town square under the Gaither family name up until the 1980's when the Grady Gaither store closed.

In the old photo the Gaither building was the brick building in the background on the corner of Main and Gaither streets. It was the first commercial brick building in Fulton (the courthouse being the oldest brick building). Across Main Street from the Gaither building was the Greene Store (general merchandise and undertakers). The roof line seen in the background beyond the buggy is the old Fikes Grocery. To view larger photographs, visit the society's photographic exercise page.

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