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First Lot Buyers in the Village of Fulton

Fulton is one of the older towns in northeast Mississippi. A deed recorded in Deed Book 1, Page 53, shows that a Chickasaw by the name of Dillahatubba sold Section 25, Township 9, Range 8 to Kenneth Clark, John Miller and Robert Miller, a group of Chickasaw Cession land speculators. They, in turn, gave fifty acres of this land in 1837 to the Itawamba County Board of Police for use as the site of county government. By 1838 this land was mapped and divided into blocks and lots. There were twenty five square blocks laid out in the new village on a bluff overlooking the rich bottomlands of the Tombigbee River. Below is an abstract of some of the first lot buyers in the new town. The deed book and page reference, date, and present-day location is given with each detail.

Edward Moore
June 6, 1838, Book 1, Page 252
Lots in Block 14
South part of Trustmark Bank and east yard of Hayes home

William Peacock
June 12, 1838, Book 1 Box 262
Lots in Block 14
North part of Trustmark Bank facing
Main Street

Eckford & Clifton
January 20, 1839, Book 2, Page 227
Lots in Block 9
O’Neal Law Office facing
Main Street

John Walker
April 1, 1839, Book 2, Page 163
Lots in Block 29 and Block 11
West of South Robbins Street and South of Cedar Street, also the southeast quarter of the Fulton Post Office lot

James C. Wright
June 1, 1839, Book 2, Page 237
Lots in Block 12
Old Black’s ladies wear store facing
Gaither Street on the town square (currently Lori Basham Law Office)

Lemuel Beene
June 4, 1839, Book 2, Page 178
Lots in Block 9 and Block 2
East half of the front office of the Itawamba County Times and United Steelworkers Union Hall. Also the east half of the old A.T. Cleveland home place (currently a beauty shop) on
Beene Street

Wiley Gaither
August 5, 1839, Book 2, Page 240
Lots in Block 2
The west half of the A.T. Cleveland home place (current a beauty shop) facing
Gaither Street

Joseph G. Clarke
December 2, 1839, Book 2, Page 222
Lots in Block 7
Old Fulton Post Office building lot on
North Cummings Street (currently an apartment building)

Samuel Vaughn
February 10, 1840, Book 2, Page 280
Lots in Block 16
West of South Robins Street and north of
Cedar Street

Joshua Toomer
March 16,1840, Book 2, Page 295
Lots in Block 12
Brick building at the corner of Gaither and Main Streets (Old Shermans building)

John Beene
June 7, 1840, Book 2, Page 385
Lots in Block 17
South half of the old First Baptist Church building lot and BancorpSouth parking lot south of the bank building

Charles Anderson
April 13, 1841, Book 2, Page 554
Lots in Block 3
Lots facing
Beene Street from the corner of N. Cummings to Gaither Street, including the Fulton Tire Store building

Burt G. Moore
April 11, 1842, Book 3, Page 230
Lots in Block 9
Itawamba County Times back shop building and parking lot behind the Itawamba County Times building

John Kemp
October 11, 1843, Book 3, Page 473
Lots in Block 5 and Block 17
North half of the old
First Baptist Church building and BancorpSouth building. Also the Fulton Telephone parking lot

Reuben Warren
October 10, 1843, Book 3, Page 488
Lots in Block 9
Bob Steele Flower Shop building on
Main Street

D.N. Cayce
August 7, 1843, Book 4, Page 14
Lots in Block 17
South of Wiygul Street and east of
South Robins Street

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