Monday, July 16, 2007

Old Hampton Graveyard is the Final Resting Place of Members of the Terrell Family

Itawamba County is a diverse area. From the rugged hills of eastern Itawamba to the rolling fertile fields west of the Tombigbee River, Itawamba County’s ancestral heritage reflects that diversity. And throughout the county, old family cemeteries are scattered throughout the hills and valleys, serving as the final resting place for many of Itawamba’s early settlers. These old burial grounds contain many unique and interesting monuments to those settlers. One such interesting burial ground is that of Hampton. Hampton was an early voting precinct of Itawamba County south of present-day Tremont. The old Hopewell Methodist Cemetery is located at the old Hampton crossroads. However, nearby in a remote area east of the old Hopewell Cemetery is yet another old burial ground known as Hampton Graveyard. This old cemetery is in a remote area in a valley far from the nearest road.

Many of the monuments in this old cemetery are hand carved from stone found in the rugged hillsides of the area. Many of these handcrafted stones were carved with lettering showing who is memorialized (see photograph of the hand carved stone Terrell monument above). Several members of the Itawamba County Terrell family are buried in this old cemetery including Hannah Terrell.

Hannah Wiley Sealy was born November 22, 1798 in Chester District, South Carolina. She was the daughter of Samuel and Nancy Estes Sealy. On January 8, 1817 she married William A. Terrell. He was born August 16, 1790 in Chester District. William A. Terrell died on January 23, 1847 in South Carolina and by 1850 his widow Hannah and children John, James, Wade and Mary are living in the Hampton community in Itawamba County. Next door is Sam F. Hampton and wife Mary and Osburn Martin (a Methodist minister) and wife Mary. Hampton’s wife Martha is possibly the daughter of William A. and Hannah as her age in the 1850 census matches the age of their child Martha from earlier records. Also buried in the old cemetery is Wade Terrell. According to local legend he was shot and killed by the Yankees during the Civil War on April 16, 1862 near the old cemetery and was consequently buried there.

The story of the old Hampton graveyard, community and the Terrell family is one of many old Itawamba County families that make up the interesting tapestry of Itawamba County’s rich history and heritage.

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