Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dr. Christopher Hussey Monument in Southwestern Itawamba County

Dr. Christopher Hussey is considered one of Itawamba County’s largest planters during antebellum times owning a considerable plantation in southwestern Itawamba County. The portion of the 3,880-acre plantation where the old cemetery is located was purchased by Hussey during November of 1845 shortly after his marriage, from Swepson and Elizabeth Marsh Taylor. It is believed that this was the home of the Taylors, as Elizabeth Marsh, wife of Swepson Taylor was buried in the old cemetery during 1847, two years after the sale to Hussey.

Dr. Christopher Hussey was born on February 28, 1825 in Madison County, Alabama, the son of Elijah (born July 11, 1778 Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina) and Elizabeth Baker (born 1783 in North Carolina) Hussey. On October 15, 1845 he married Mary Elizabeth Holt Marsh (born August 4, 1829 in Burke County, Georgia) in Itawamba County. Mary Elizabeth Holt Marsh was the daughter of Elihue and Elizabeth Holt Marsh.

The old Hussey plantation graveyard is located near the site of the old Hussey home west of the Evergreen and Greenwood communities.

Photograph by Bob Franks

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