Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Itawamba County Courthouse Circa 1937

The above photograph of the Itawamba County Courthouse was taken during the late 1930’s. This Federal-style brick structure was constructed during 1852. It was built by J. J. Blythe, the same person who, in 1854, built the Old Tishomingo Courthouse that was in Jacinto, Mississippi. Itawamba's earlier courthouse prior to 1852 was a wooden structure located on the same site. Shortly after the county was organized in 1836, county business was conducted at the store house of Elisha Thomas in Van Buren-Cardsville area west of the Tombigbee River. With the organization of Fulton during 1839 as the county seat of government, the first courthouse was constructed on the town square. During the 1930’s the courthouse underwent its first major renovation when the building was enlarged and received a modern stucco exterior. Again, during 1956 another renovation took place when the west two-story wing was added. Then during 1972 a major renovation took place when the stucco was covered with rock and native Tishomingo stone. Today the visitor can see the exposed walls of the original 1852 brick structure inside the north entrance of the building.

Photograph of Original Brick Interior by Bob Franks

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