Saturday, June 14, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace Putting on a Show in Itawamba County

Queen Anne’s Lace is currently blooming in profusion along the country roadsides of Itawamba County. The plant (wild carrot, a member of the parsley family) was introduced into America from Europe and is the wild progenitor of our carrot. The plant is said to have been named for Queen Anne of England, an expert lace maker. Legend has it that she challenged the ladies of the court to a contest to see who could produce a pattern of lace as lovely as the flower of the plant but no one could rival the queen’s handiwork. While making the lace, she pricked her finger with a needle and a single droplet of blood fell onto the lace and this is said to be the dark purple floret in the center of the flowering head of the plant.

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