Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Sunday Sunset After Thunderstorms

Today was a typical Mississippi day - very hot and humid. Before sunset a line of thunderstorms passed through cooling the temperature with a cool breeze off the storms. The storms traveled just to the south of me with no rain at my house, although I did lose electricity for awhile. With the power off I headed to the front porch and noticed a beautiful sunset in the west with the sun painting the storm clouds with golden yellows and ambers.

Photograph by Bob Franks


Anonymous said...

When I saw this picture, I was reminded of a story I wrote about my Itawamba great-great-grandparents, John Thomas Mullins and Anna Nanney. They married in 1846 and moved to Texas. In my story I had them stopping on their way out of Itawamba County on their wedding day and observing a sunset. It could have been one just like in your picture. (By the way, they came back to Itawamba in a year.)

Bob Franks said...

Jo Carolyn, that photograph was taken looking west near the Mantachie Creek bottomlands, not far from the Nanney place. Anna later married my great great grandfather, William Throckmorton Gillentine on February 19, 1862.

William T. Gillentine enlisted with Company F (Davis' Brigade) known as the Saltillo Rangers of Davidson's Mississippi Infantry (Army of 10,000, 2nd Reg) on 29 November 1861 and was later sent to Kentucky along with his company. While in service his wife died here in Itawamba County.

The men during the service in Kentucky had no opportunity for hostilities, but suffered intensly from the very severe winter. Snow lay on the ground for weeks and the men were unaccustomed and unprepared for such exposure. Most of them came down with measles and many died from this serious camp disease and pneumonia. The regiments were disbanded at the expiration of the term of enlistment. The regiments were back at their organization camps in February, 1862.

When William returned to Itawamba County in February, he married Mrs. Anna Mullins and shortly thereafter he died, probably from measles or pneumonia, contracted from the camps in Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were Nanney kin, but I didn't know your relationship to William T. Gillentine. Anna was also married to Adam Yeager and Theopolus Pearce.