Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Dulaney Pioneer Home Northeast of Fulton Has Stood for Generations

Pictured is a photograph detail of the old Dulaney pioneer home northeast of Fulton. I photographed this scene during 1986. This old home is typical of pioneer homesteads scattered throughout Itawamba County. This historic structure and others such as the Moman Pate home south of Tremont and the Bounds house in the Banner community have stood as monuments to the early settlers of Itawamba County for generations. The Dulaney settlement northeast of Fulton was at the end of an old wagon road out of Monroe County found by the government surveyors during the early 1830's when the Chickasaw cession was being mapped and surveyed. For more information about the Dulaney settlement, refer to an earlier post about the subject.

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