Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calvin Thomas Boozer's Vin-Ko Photograph

Yesterday I had another pleasant visit with Calvin Ritter of Monroe County. He brought along some wonderful family photographs, books and printed material. A descendant of the old Ritter and Boozer families of Itawamba County, the photograph above is from the collection he shared. The portrait above is that of Calvin Thomas Boozer. He was born March 25, 1873 in the Carolina community of Itawamba County and died August 10, 1896. He was buried in the Shackleford/Boozer Cemetery. He was the son of David Elija Boozer (born June 23, 1849 in Newberry, South Carolina) and Amanda Alice English (born August 21, 1853 in Itawamba County). An interesting feature of the photograph is the advertising on the back promoting the James M. House photography studio in Gadsden, Alabama. The advertising reads:

Carbon Finish
Only 50 Cents per Dozen
How to get Them:
Send any photograph
Well wrapped, to-
Gether with 50 cents.
Also five 1-cent stamps for
Postage and packing. As
Soon as possible I will re-
Turn the Original photo,
With 12 “Vin-Ko” copies,
Same size and finish as
This, charges prepaid to
any postoffice in the world.
Groups same price ___ No
“Vin-Kos” from P___ or
Tintypes. Send your best
Photo Fully Prepaid.
Gadsden, Ala. U.S.A.
Will Never Fade!


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