Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Autumn Leaves

With a breezy, cold and wet weekend, my lawn is now littered with autumn's fallen leaves. It's the time of year for frosty mornings and cool days.

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Anonymous said...

You appear to have quite a variety of trees in your lawn! I think I spot Magnolia, Maple and Red Oaks by the leaves that have fallen. What did I correctly see and what did I miss?

Our Red Oaks don't lose their leaves until late Dec. here in North Texas; and all varieties of Arizona Ash begin to fall in mid October and by Thanksgiving, they all have fallen - just in time for grandchildren's Thanksgiving visit to have a ball raking and playing in something they never see where they live near the Hill Country where Red Cedar, live oak, pine and Yaupon trees are the dominate trees. For years, our U. of Texas Junior thought the leaves fell for her birthday (Nov. 15th)! bettye