Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Issue of Itawamba Settlers Nearing Completion

The Summer 2009 issue of Itawamba Settlers, the quarterly magazine of the Itawamba Historical Society is nearing completion. This issue should prove to be a most interesting issue with material submitted by several members. There are several archival photographs to be published in this issue. Hopefull the quarterly will be submitted to the printers next week.


Anonymous said...

Don't know where you have been nor what you've been doing (not any of of our business) - hope you had fun and welcome back. bettye

BSamples said...

Great work you do. I am planning a visit to Itawamba within the next couple of weeks to see the area that my family would've lived. Since you are clearly an expert in Itawamba Co. history, I was wanting to know if you knew anything about the Samples cemetery located near Bounds Crossroads. I'd love to pinpoint the location or maybe a phone number of the current property owners. Any help would be appreciated before i make the drive 3 1/2 hours south.

Anonymous said...

Historical society is good .,.,.,.

thanks for sharing><<><><

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