Friday, October 9, 2009

Airing in the Breeze

About thirty years ago I was driving around the countryside north of Tremont and came upon this beautiful quilt hanging on the clothes line at a farm house. Needless to say I stopped and visited. Can anyone identify the pattern of this quilt?


Anonymous said...

Bob, I will offer two suggestions: first, if those little patches appear to have been individually sewn together and stuffed before being combined to make the quilt, then this is possibly "a powderpuff quilt" - my mother had one and the little "puffs" looked similiar in size and shape. The second suggestion: "Trip around the world", although the shape formed by the strips of color don't appear to create the pattern that I have seen called the latter. Regardless of the pattern name, this is a pretty and colorful quilt. bettye

Anonymous said...

Bob, This is a Hexagon Mosaic Quilt. A different version of Grandmother's Garden. They are usually quilted around each individual piece. Each piece of material has to be basted to a piece of paper and then sewn together. These quilts took a lot of work. Take good care of it because someone woked a long time putting it together.Rita