Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Magnolias on the Court Square in Fulton

Massive creamy white and extremely fragrant flowers grace the one of the magnolias on the Itawamba County Courthouse lawn during the summer each year. The magnolia is entwined with the history of the south and especially Mississippi. This majestic tree serves a dual role as the state flower and the state tree. There’s no wonder Mississippi is known as the Magnolia State.

Magnolia grandiflora, commonly known as the Southern magnolia or bull bay, is a native of the southeastern United States.

It is an ancient genus, having evolved before bees appeared. The flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles and as a result the carpels of the magnolia flowers are tough in order to avoid damage by eating and crawling beetles.

The fragrant blooms of the courthouse magnolias are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Bob, can you "educate" Magnolia blossom lovers? The blossom as pictured in your photo appears much whiter than the blooms that we get on the magnolia tree in our yard. I'm pretty sure there are more than one variety of magnolias and this would lead to the difference in the flower's size and color. bettye