Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Afternoon Visit Under the China Berry Tree During the 1930's

Pictured is Amelia Rankin Riley (seated left) in front of her home enjoying a visit with her Cason cousins. Standing behind the woman seated (right) is Erin Cockrell Riley, Amelia’s daughter-in-law (wife of Samuel Feemster Riley). The scene was photographed during the 1930’s in the New Chapel Community west of the Tombigbee River.

Amelia Rankin Riley was born January 16, 1859 in Itawamba County, the daughter of Ethelburt Rankin and Mary Jane Cason. She married John Thomas Riley on January 22, 1884. Amelia was the older sister of Congressman John Elliott Rankin who represented Mississippi for several terms.

Erin Cockrell Riley was born August 2, 1915 in Itawamba County, the daughter of Henry Calvin Cockrell and Hattie Pearl Buse. She married Samuel Feemster Riley (born May 22, 1890) during the 1930’s.

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