Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Fulton Bank Opening Day: 1921

The Fulton Bank opened it door’s during 1921. Located near the corner of South Cummings and Main streets on the town square, this scene was photographed shortly after opening day. Pictured are bank officers and employees Jaudon Copeland Whitehead, Sergeant Prentiss Howard and Alfred Richard. Senter.

Jaudon Copeland Whitehead was born January 14, 1892 in Bexar, Marion County, Alabama, the son of A.M.L. and Lucretia Wiggington Whitehead. On October 28, 1919 he married Lela Bernice Toomer, the daughter of William M. and Mary Frances Spencer Toomer, in the Clay community of Itawamba County.

Sergeant Prentiss Howard was born April 19, 1868, the son of Dr. Martin Whitford and Martha Angeline Barnes Howard of Fulton.

Alfred Richard Senter was born June 6, 1889 in Itawamba County, the son of John Joel and Celia Ann Dulaney Senter. He married Maudena Sheffield, daughter of John Henry and Mittie Moore Sheffield during 1916.

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