Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cansler and Warren Bill of Sale for Mary Walker’s Wine, Smoking Tobacco and Medicines: 1872

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A bill from the Fulton firm of Cansler and Warren shows Mrs. Mary Walker of Fulton purchased a bottle of Tarrants Seltzer, a bottle of Mother Nobles Syrup, a bottle of port wine, one-half pound of smoking tobacco, one box of mustard and one paper of powdered elm during June and July of 1872. Owned by Thomas Green Cansler and Dr. Napoleon Bonaparte Warren, the apothecary was located on the town square of Fulton from the 1860’s through the 1870’s and was a wholesale and retail dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, fine liquors and tobaccos.

Thomas Green Cansler was born January 7, 1838 in Carroll County, Georgia, the son of Phillip and Eveline Smith Cansler. He was a Methodist minister, large landowner and owned the Moscow Flouring Mills in nearby Lamar County, Alabama. On September 8, 1858, he married Celinda Jane Stone at Tremont. She was born February 8, 1841, the daughter of Dilmus Johnson Stone and Parmelia Ann Bethany. Thomas Green Cansler died in Hillsboro, Texas on March 17, 1913.

Dr. Napoleon Bonaparte Warren was born on April 10, 1834 in Limestone County, Alabama, the son of S. John Warren and Sarah Robinson, early settlers of Itawamba County. He owned a large farming operation in northern Itawamba and southern Tishomingo counties. Dr. Warren never married but adopted the sons of the Widow Hood (Robert Jefferson, George Burlon and Jack). His brother, Charles, was the first sheriff of Itawamba County. Dr. Warren died on January 14, 1903 and was buried in the Marietta Cemetery.

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