Monday, March 3, 2008

Joseph W. Ellerbee Monument in Historic Kirkville Cemetery

The large Kirkville Cemetery in northwestern Itawamba County contains many old monuments. Kirkville Community was named for Dr. J.D. Kirk, who is buried in the old cemetery. The Kirkville Post Office existed prior to the Civil War. The Joseph W. Ellerbee monument in the old cemetery is quite ornate and like many of the older monuments found in the cemetery.

Joseph W. Ellerbee was born July 22, 1839 and died February 26 1857.According to the 1850 Itawamba County census he was born in Georgia and was listed in the household of William and Cassandra Johnson. The census listing is as follows:

Page 319
William F. Johnson: age 45, Farmer, born in GA
Cassandra: age 32, born in NC
John W. Houston: age 21, born in GA
Joseph W. Ellerbee: age 10, born in GA

Ellerbee monument photograph by Bob Franks

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