Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Littleton Temple Family of Old Southwest Itawamba County

Littleton Temple was born January 23, 1815 in Wake County, North Carolina., the son of Burwell and Harriet Temple. Burwell Temple (born November 13, 1793) was the editor of two newspapers – The Primitive Baptist and Freedom’s Blade and died during July 26, 1873 at his home, Temple River Farm in North Carolina. Harriet Temple (married April 5, 1814 in Wake County) was the daughter of Henry Ivy.

Littleton Temple was married to Lydia Powell (born March 20, 1811) on October 24, 1833 in Wake County. She was the daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Powell.

Littleton Temple brought his family and slaves first to Pickens County, Alabama and later to Itawamba County during 1848 where he purchased a sizeable plantation of 1,000 acres in southwestern Itawamba County. He served as a Justice of the Peace for three terms and was seated on the county Board of Police when Lee County was organized during 1867. As president of the board at the time, and living in the territory that was to become Lee County, it became his duty to order an election to vote upon organizing the new county of Lee.

Littleton Temple was a prohibitionist, a member of the Farmer’s Alliance and Primitive Baptist church. The children of Littleton and Lydia Powell Templeton included: Harriet E. (married Wesley B. Strickland), Lucy Ann (married Stephen A. Shackleford), Milton M. (married Louisa Roberts), Martha H. (married John G. Marler), Matthew D. (married Philora A. Riley), and Josie.

Littleton Temple died on November 20, 1898 in southeastern Lee County (old Itawamba County).

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