Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Itawamba County Fourth of July Picnic 78 Years Ago

Above is a printed notice about a Fourth of July Picnic to be held in Fulton. The picnic was to feature speeches and later ball games. In the July 10, 1930 edition of the Fulton News Beacon a front page article about the picnic was printed, which reads in part: “On Friday the fourth, a large crowd of people assembled here to hear the speakers who had accepted invitations to speak here that day. Hon. Geo. T. Mitchell, candidate for Governor, and Congressman J.E. Rankin, were the only two who failed to get here, but there were plenty of others who were not expected, to keep the speaking going almost continuously all day. Those who listened attentively heard a great deal about the meaning of the fourth of July and our government.”

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