Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Old Stephens Cemetery Chapel

The old Stephens Cemetery chapel just off River Road is a shady peaceful refuge on a hot Mississippi's summer day. The historic cemetery dates back to the mid 1800's and was once part of the old Zachariah Stephens plantation west of the Tombigbee River.


Anonymous said...

What is/was the purpose of the concrete platforms that run length wise next to the gate of the cemetery? I have noticed that the platforms have a graduel incline as they go up towards the gate.

Bob Franks said...

If I am not mistaken those are tables where food is served during dinner on the grounds.

Angie said...

Is there an address to this location? We'd love to see it on a map. We've been researching Stephens' family history (my husband is a Stephens), and my family owned property in Yellow Creek off of the Tennessee River, very close to the Tombigbee Waterway, so this is just too coincidental. We'd like to see a map, showing the proximity of this cemetery to our family lake property on Yellow Creek!

Thanks, Angie

Bob Franks said...

Angie, follow the Natchez Trace south out of Tishomingo County to Highway 371 (Kirkville-Marietta exit) and go south on Highway 371 to River Road, then go south on River Road about one and a half miles to Stephens Cemetery Road. The old cemetery and chapel is at the end of this little lane.

Yellow Creek is pretty country. As a child my family would take fishing and camping trips up to to Yellow Creek, Mill Creek and Eastport.

For more information about the Itawamba County Stephens family do a search on Zachariah Stephens (search box is upper left part of page). I did two postings with photos about the Itawamba County Stephens family.

Angie said...

Ironically, there was a Bob Franks in our cove at Yellow Creek (family owned a cabin there). My husband stayed up late last night and finally found the location. It's a small world, his family having roots so close to where my family owned land. We live too far away to maintain the property, and had to sell it. I'm still grieving. There is just no better ski water I've found than the Tombigbee Waterway! : )