Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The WPA Courthouse: 1937 to 1972

The WPA courthouse was in use from 1937 until 1972 when the latest rennovation took place. The west wing of the courthouse was added during the 1950's. It is interesting to note that the original Federal style 1852 courthouse structure is still enclosed within the present-day courthouse structure.


bullmtn.jhh said...

thanks for posting this great old picture. It would be nice to know the complete history of structures on this site.
Great job keeping our history alive.

J. Hankins
Omaha, Nebraska

Bob Franks said...

Thanks for the comments. This is the courthouse I grew up with. The big white stuccoed structure in the middle of town I'm sure holds many memories for folks. If I remember correctly the doors to the courthouse were always open 7 days a week. It was really the center of the community in the days before mega stores and shopping centers when folks congregated on the town square to do their shopping, visit friends and neighbors, watch parades and hear candidates at candidate speakings. Definitely lots of memories on the old town square in Fulton.