Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ferguson Family Photographs

The Ferguson family of Itawamba County had large farming operations in the Ozark community west of the Tombigbee River. These two photographs were among a larger collection donated to the society by Janie Comer of Fulton. Coming from the estate of Letha Ferguson Comer, Janie's mother-in-law, the collection includes interesting scenes including portraits and school groups from the Ozark area.

Pictured above is a hunting party. The following is written on the back of the photograph: "This is the party I was hunting with and the buck we got. That is Ola’s husband (third person from left) by me (second person from left)” On the sign of the small building the following can be seen: "Miramonte Supply Station, Chas. Meinzer." This scene was probably photographed in Colorado during the early 1920's. The James Ferguson family is enumerated in the 1900 census of Itawamba County as living in the Ozark community. Included in the enumeration are: James Ferguson (born May 1833, married 40 years, father of 3 children), Eliza (born July 1838, wife), Laura (born August 1874, daughter), Ola (born June 1880, daughter), P.M. (born May 1871, son, married 1 year, no children), Maud (born December 1881, daughter in law), Jennie (born February 1891, granddaughter), and Carroll (born September 1894, granddaughter). Nearby is the Will G. Ferguson (son of James) family. Living with this family is George McCanless (hired hand, born June 1844). His portrait is shown above. Some of the Ozark community Ferguson family members moved to the Wolfe City, Texas area, according to some old newspaper clippings in the collection.

Shortly before 1920 Will Ferguson built a home in the town of Fulton on South Cummings Street where the family lived. From childhood days I remember the large old home with a wide verandah. Will Ferguson and his wife Allie Cobb were the parents of Letha Ferguson Comer. She was a founding member of the Itawamba Historical Society. I will be publishing more interesting photographs from her collection. The society would like to thank Janie Comer of Fulton for sharing these interesting photographs.


pepajack said...

hello and thank you for posting information about the ferguson family i have been researching for two years and I am a relative of the ferguson family of stoddard ferguson any information would be most honored

pepajack said...

I'm doing Research on the ferguson family and have found many ancestors Stoddard Feruson was my Third Gr. GrandFather would love more information on the Family