Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Country Home

Last week I was in the southwestern part of the county and photographed the above old home in the Evergreen community. It is thought this home was built during the 19th Century by Thomas Whitesides, a son of early county planter, James Whitesides. For generations, this beautiful old home has been known as the Evans home.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that the home is still lived in, am I correct?

There is a home in Marion County, AL at a place called Pikeville (I believe this is the original county seat of Marion County in the 1820's). The easiest way to locate this still standing 2 story home is to travel south out of Hamilton, exiting onto the old US 43/78 that leads to Guin, closer to Guin than Hamilton. . . some of the wild stories one hears about the area lets you know that this really was "wild territory" and some of those who lost their life in tavern brawls are buried in a nearby cemetery, or so I have been told. Myth or fact?; there is however, a cemetery across the old highway in close proximity.

Bob Franks said...

This home is still lived in. And I know well the home you are talking about in neighboring Marion County, Alabama at old Pikeville, once the county seat of Marion County. A most beautiful old place. I visited in the old home about thirty years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. My gg grandfather lived at old Pikeville (Lemuel Franks, born 1795)and his sons lived there as well (my great grandfather William Franks). Is the old two-story home at Pikeville still standing?

Anonymous said...

The old antebellum home at Pikeville was still standing in Aug. 2003 when we were last in the area. One cherished thing that we brought back home to Texas from that visit was a copy of the deed to the farm my maternal grandfather, Arthur Griffin Dyer purchased from one of his Cody uncles, founder of Cody Mountain near Detroit, AL. I got the copy Aug. 12, 2003, and the deed had been signed Aug. 18, 1904!, almost 99 years prior.

That is really a lovely home and appears that it has had lots of TLC there in MS.