Saturday, April 25, 2009

A 1909 Penny Postcard From Dorsey

A penny postcard is shown above written to Miss Ollie Gregory of the Walton Cemetery community of Itawamba County from a friend in Dorsey. I always thought the penmanship on the card by this young man was quite elaborate.

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately or unfortunately!, I am old enough to have written some of those "penny postcards". That bargain priced way of communication lasted up until the late '30's or maybe into WWII times, but then a sealed letter only cost 3 cents. During those "days of our lives", does anyone remember if an unsealed envelope went for a penny less, like Christmas or birthday cards?

The expressive creativity of the writer of the postcard reminds me of two stages in our oldest son's signatures. In high school, he styled the "M" for Mike in a mushroom and printed in very small letters below the name, "toadstool productions". By the college stage of his artistic expressions, his Mike looked like an electric guitar (I'm not into the parts of the guitar, but I'll try to describe this one: the "M" was the large end of the guitar, and the "ike" formed the stringed end). Wouldn't you like to know what this young man chose for a profession? My Mike?, he is a graphics artist. In one of his art classes, he borrowed my lovely dark brown tea pot with a border of little flowers and a green bell pepper to make a still life oil painting. I could smell hot tea and taste the crunchy pepper because they were so realistic. bettye