Thursday, April 30, 2009

On the Town Square

Pictured above is a view of South Cummings Street looking south on the Fulton town square during the late 1960's. This is a view as it appeared during my youth. Picture above is BB's (a women's clothing store) in the old Wilson Building on the corner, an appliance store in the old Fulton Bank building, the Lawhon Insurance building, the City Cafe building, and the two-story White's Store building. I recall passing by the cafe building many times on my way to the New Dixie Theater on many Saturdays during my youth. During the warm months, the cafe would keep their front door open and the smell of cooking hamburgers and onions would filter through the screen door onto the sidewalk enticing the casual passerby into the cafe. And White's Store was truly a variety store selling everything from groceries to comic books and toys. I spent many hours in that store thumbing through comic books and buying toys.


Anonymous said...


I graduated from IAHS in 1969, and I don't remember the BB's store. I only remember it as Wilsons. When did it change? I remember the Whites grocery--and like you, spent time there. And I remember the Lawhon building. I just can't remember BB's.

Bob Franks said...

The photo could have been taken in the early 1970's. I will have to do a little more research on this photograph.

Anonymous said...

My friends think that you are correct about the dates mentioned. A friend said that she thinks that Billy Bonds McElroy owned the store--"BB's". I just do not remember it--yet I remember Wilsons. O well, I just must be having "Senior Moments"!!!
That happens to those who graduated in 1969!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, PLEASE don't say in the same breath that you graduated high school in 1969 and are experiencing "Senior Moments"!

Those of us who graduated enough years prior to '69 to have a child readying to make moves to college that year - I guess we must declare ourselves of the rocking chair brigade. Slow down and smell the roses. . . bettye