Sunday, October 12, 2008

Swamp Mallow in the Early Sunday Morning Dew

On an early morning walk today I came across a favorite old plant in many Itawamba County gardens. Called Wild Cotton by many locals, the Swamp Mallow is a perennial wetland plant usually found in areas such as swamps, marshes, ponds, ditches and wet woods throughout Itawamba County. A native of the southeastern United States, this plant has showy blossoms throughout the summer and fall and can grow as high as seven or eight feet tall.


Holly Timm said...

As always your artist's eye has made a work of art out of what was already an interesting subject. As a native New Englander it was also neat to see a "swamp mallow" which I have heard of but never seen.

Bob Franks said...

Thanks for the comments Holly. I enjoy early morning autumn walks in the woods...and I always take my camera.