Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Lone Star Drinking Saloon: 1866

Pictured above are minutes from the Itawamba County Board of Police from February 19th, 1866 licensing the opening of the Lone Star Drinking Saloon in the village of Fulton (click image for larger resolution view.) The minutes read: “On reading and filing the petition of James O. & Wm. Franklin praying a license to retail vinous and spirituous liquors in the house known as the “Lone Star Drinking Saloon” in the town of Fulton in said county, it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that said petition contained the names of a majority of the legal voters of said corporation of Fulton and there being no objections to their granting the same, it is therefore ordered by the court that the prayer of said petitioners be granted on their entering bond as required by the statute and otherwise complying with the laws in such case made and provided.”

During the 1800’s the county Board of Police (present-day Board of Supervisors) was the governing body of the county. This elected body held court each month and their many duties included licensing all types of businesses (taverns, inns, saloons, and ferries).


Terry Thornton said...

Fulton needs a 2008 version of THE LONE STAR DRINKING SALOON! Thanks for presenting this most interesting document.

Terry Thornton

Bob Franks said...

It seems Itawamba was quite a place during the Civil War era Terry. I've been abstracting Board of Police minutes from that era and in just one month alone during 1866, 8 saloons were licensed and authorized in the county.