Monday, December 15, 2008

The Old Bankhead Concrete Highway

A view of the old Bankhead concrete highway is seen looking east toward the Mantachie Creek bottomlands west of Wood Road in western Itawamba County. There are many segments of this old road that can still be traveled in Itawamba County. For further information about this old highway, see the article, The Old Bankhead National Highway Built Through Itawamba County.


Mona Robinson Mills said...

Bob, I don't know how I missed your original article the first time around. That's really good information to know. Would you happen to know the names of any of the local folk involved in the construction of the highway through Itawamba County? My father told me a story about the first 'organized' strike in Itawamba County led by his Uncle Louis Robinson against --- somebody, but I forgot who! I think he might have said his Granddaddy Harbor - E. A. "Rip" Harbor - but I'm not sure! Of course, I believe he was being tongue in cheek about the strike, it was probably nothing more than a disagreement over wages, but I thought it was a funny story about Uncle Louis.

Bob Franks said...

Mona, I don't know any names of locals who worked on the highway but it certainly would be interesting to try to obtain any names.