Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Issue of Membership Quarterly Journal Nearing Completion

The finishing touches are being put on the Winter 2008 issue of Itawamba Settlers magazine, the quarterly membership journal of the Itawamba Historical Society. This issue promises to be an issue packed with Itawamba County, Mississippi history and family information. The 2008 annual index is currently being produced which will be included with the Winter 2008 issue. This edition should be published later this month with the quarterlies being mailed to the 2008 membership shortly thereafter. Included in the Winter 2008 issue are the following items:

Henry Hankins Portrait
Mills-McKay Family of Marietta
F.J. Johnson Biography
John C. Lisenby Biography
Captain W.R. Bounds Biography
The Terry Wiygul Gravestone: Fulton Cemetery
The James Spears Bourland Monument
The Levi Galloway Gravestone in Keyes Graveyard
Lieut. Ezekiel P. Gardner Monument in Bourland Cemetery
Jacob O. Ingle Biography
Itawamba County News Abstracts: 1911
William M. Ewing Biography
Samuel H. Smith Biography
Martha Eudoxie Rayburn Portrait
Nancy Caroline Cockrell Thornberry Portrait
Early Itawamba County Graveyard Monuments
Itawamba County Police Court Minutes: 1866
David William Owen Biography
Arthur C. Horton Biography
Gravestone Iconography
A List of Cemeteries in Itawamba County
Ridge Cemetery in Northeastern Itawamba
George McCanles Portrait
Charles N. Burgess Slave Inventory
Christopher C. Weaver Biography
E.R. Deason Biography
J.M. Duncan Biography
Dr. George W. Martin Biography
Ozark School Group Photograph
A Widow’s Son: The Eugene Clifton Monument
Liberty Cemetery in Southwestern Itawamba County
The Story of Two Civil War Veterans

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