Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thomas Minyard Monument

The Thomas Minyard monument is found in the old Hopewell Baptist Church cemetery in western Itawamba County. Hopewell Baptist Church, located north of the old Keyes Cemetery and east of the old antebellum post office of Woodlawn, was established during the early 1840's. Several old 19th Century roads intersect near the church and during the later 1800's this community and post office was known as Abney.


Colleen said...

Bob: Your blog has won the Proximaded Award! Go fetch it at www.omchodoy.blogspot.com!

Mrs. M said...

I have a scan of an original letter from Joel White Rhyne to his family while he was at Port Hudson, LA, if you would like a copy to post.

Carla Middleton

Bob Franks said...

Carla, thanks for writing. I would certainly appreciate a copy of the letter to post here. You may email the letter to me at editor@itawambahistory.org. Thanks so much for the offer.