Thursday, February 26, 2009

Basketball Friends: 1923

Pictured are Itawamba Agricultural High School students James Marvin Ferguson (left) and Stoessle K. Cooper. This photograph was taken during 1923 on the school campus. Notice how the two young men wrote their initials and arrows on the basketball.


Don Dulaney said...

Would you happen to know where I could get me some of those socks??
The Basketball makes this pic. GP!

Ralph Poore said...

Dear Bob,

I really love your blog. You've inspired me to shamelessly copy you and start my own blog

Can you tell me how you added the Library Thing gadget?

When I tried adding the HTML that the Library Thing gives you, the blog won't accept it.


Ralph Poore

Bob Franks said...

Don, aren't those socks wild, especially how they are rolled at the top.

Bob Franks said...

Ralph, thanks for writing, and congratulations on your new blog! I have several family lines from north of Mobile in Wilcox, Clarke and Marengo counties, and then a couple of lines east of Mobile in Henry and Dale counties. I don't know what the problem is with LibraryThing. I just clicked "add html/java script" and pasted the code LibraryThing gave me. Again, congratulations on your new blog. It really looks nice!

Ralph Poore said...

That helped. I was trying to add it from the gadgets. I got it to work. Thanks!