Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Gift of History

I’ve always believed knowing our history is such a cherished thing. During my youth I enjoyed listening to my grandmother. In her aged eyes I could see decades of toil and tragedy, love and hope, good times and bad times, and a strong independence and determination. Once when I was a little kid I was with her sitting in the shade of the front porch on a typical hot and humid Mississippi day as she sat rocking in the old creaky rocking chair shelling purple hull peas from the garden. She told me then and there, “Son, don’t ever go back on your raising.” And I have carried those grandmother’s words with me since and have never been one to turn my back on my rural Mississippi heritage.

Each year the historical society receives many visitors and among those visitors are hundreds of local school children who tour the society’s museum where they can see, touch, and hear remnants of their rural Itawamba County, Mississippi history and heritage. Volunteers at the society’s Historic Bonds House Museum and The George Poteet History Center cherish those visits. We feel we are simply the keeper and teller of Itawamba County, Mississippi’s story. And we recognize our most noble mission is to bring a knowledge and appreciation of local history and a pride in ancestral heritage to those young students who visit from the area schools – those children are simply our future community leaders.

Take time to give the gift of history. It’s a non-depreciating gift that lasts a lifetime.

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