Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ready for the Hunt

Two young men with their hunting dogs during the 1920's in the Ozark community in Itawamba County.

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious this was to be a huge 'coon hunt based on the number of dogs! We moved to our neighborhood in 1963 when all the property west of the highway was either open country side or cow pastures. It seemed like coon hunting was a standard nightly affair. I don't know if all the homesites and a new golf course has halted the nightly coon hunts or if it is because we keep our houses closed to the outside sounds, but I can't recall when I last heard the sounds of excited hound dogs on their 10 or 11 p.m. chase so all is quiet on the western front!

I do know that we are finding evidence of more raccoons and opossums appearing in the "backyard landscape" - we use to buy the seed coated peanutbutter based treats to hang
in the trees for birds until we discovered a rather huge raccon hanging upsidedown in a sloth like pose enjoying the bird treat one afternoon in broad daylight! bettye