Friday, March 6, 2009

Centerville School: 1936

Pictured is Centerville School on January 2, 1936. Centerville, located north of Mantachie, was one of the larger rural schools in Itawamba County.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at the old schools and wonder if you have had any pictures of Tremont School in the 1915 or 1920's in you old articles?. Also, I have been over to the court house in Fulton and looked in the old ledgers looking for information on my greatgrandfather, James M. Young. I was told he served as Justice of the Peace and I am assuming it was in the late 1800's; maybe 1870/80/90. His farm was down the road from the Tom Welch place. I don't know if you call that Jim's Creek Area or if it is considered in the area of Splunge Itawamba Co., area. You had graciously offered to look for me and since I could not find anything, I am going to ask if you would see if you can find something I am missing. James Young is buried in the Hopewell Cemetery. He was born in 1841. Thanks again for all the information on the history of the area and its people. I certainly enjoy reading all the articles on your site.
Delores Young Parks

Bob Franks said...

I searched for James M. Young and so far I haven't found anything. But I searched the book of records from the 1860's through the 1870's. I will look at the later records next. Thanks for writing Delores.