Friday, March 27, 2009

The Woods and Gardens are Now Shades of Purple, White and Pink

Wisteria is now blooming throughout the countryside of Itawamba County with shades of purple, blue, pink and white. Much of the woodlands and gardens of Itawamba County are now washed in spring color with the sweet scent of Wisteria permeating the air.I snapped the photo yesterday along the edge of my yard behind my house.


Anonymous said...

Bob, I have admired Wisteria in a neighbors yard, but never got up as close to the vine as you depict here. My question for the morning: Do you have Ivy growing on the same trellis, or are the Wisteria leaves shaped like Ivy?

Since we always manage to have light freezes in late winter and into early spring, my neighbors could be heard in the wee hours of the morning covering the Wisteria with bedsheets or quilts etc. Do you have to do this in MS, or has your vine survived without the over indulgence such as offered by these two elderly ladies? They moved and the later owners didn't bother to continue with TLC and the Wisteria "left also!"

Visions of the "old South" can be seen in your photograph. Thanks. bettye

Bob Franks said...

Bettye, the wisteria shown in the picture is on a fence post of ivy. The wisteria around my house grows wild in the edge of the woods and the trees are covered with it probably 50 feet high. It just does its own thing. I have to keep it cut back out of the yard. It's not as bad as kudzu, but nearly as bad. Right now the trees in the edge of the woods behind my house are purple with wisteria and the air smells of wisteria - definitely a sign of spring.