Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Itawamba County Cowboy ca. 1932

Woodrow Wilson Franks (born March 30, 1913, the son of Thomas Walker Franks and Sarah Jane Sheffield) is photographed at the North Mississippi Fair and Diary Show in Tupelo around 1932. The photograph was taken in an arcade studio at the fair.

During the 1920s and 1930s young men in Itawamba County enjoyed the silver screen – in particular, westerns. It was during the 1920s traveling tent shows toured the rural countryside of Itawamba County offering the citizens silent moving picture shows. One of the most popular such shows was the Daddy Violett traveling moving picture show that would go from community to community throughout Itawamba County. By the early 1930s a trip to the Strand Theater in nearby Tupelo or the Dixie Theater in Fulton was a special Saturday treat after spending the prior week laboring in the cotton fields of Itawamba County. Here in those old theaters the likes of Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix, Tim McCoy and Tex Ritter could be seen on the big screen providing high adventures of the Old West to the wide-eyed country boys of Itawamba County perched on the edge of the seats.

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