Monday, March 23, 2009

The Itawamba County Fair Catalog of 1952

Pictured above is the cover of the 1952 Itawamba Fair and Livestock Show Official Catalog. The event was held September 30 through October 4, 1952. The 88-page catalog is full of local advertising and information regarding the various contests and exhibits. The 1952 Fair Officials were: A.J. Mattox (president), R.F. Robinson (vice-president), H.L. Holland (secretary), M.T. Seitz (treasurer) and Delmus C. Harden (program chairman). Members of the Official Directors were: J.C. Whitehead Sr., Gaddis Prestage, Delmus C. Harden, Phillip Sheffield, Manuel Gorden, J.M. Gibbs, Sr., H.H. Yawn, E.L. Franks, W.L. Kilpatrick, Sam Cooper, Joe Staub, Owen Spearman, O.E. Earnest, H.W. Holcomb, J.H. Gilliland, J.E. Wiygul, R.V. Maples and N.A. Riley.

From the welcoming letter, president A.J. Mattox wrote: “We regret the drought has cut the production of crops in I tawamba County, but we can still compare progress with each other and do our share in feeding the people of the nation. The Fair affords an opportunity for the farmers of Itawamba County to show their products and to study those of their neighbors; thus to exchange ideas, and enable each other to produce still greater harvests against the time of need.

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