Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Waking up do a hefty snow this morning was quite a shock. Any kind of snow in Mississippi is quite rare, but a snow of several inches is very rare. Lately we've had warm weather getting up into the 70's. Fruit trees are blooming, daffodils are painting the landscape yellow and the birds have been singing. Today is a stark contrast to the weather we've had.

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Anonymous said...

I warned folks out your way to "bank the fire real good!" We were so fortunate that we didn't get the west Texas topsoil clouding our sky on Fri. as those winds "whistled Dixie" on their easterly path. I guess the cold north wind coming off the Colorado and Utah mountains kept far enough north to miss the Texas panhandle as our skies were not turned the rusty red that normally happens. The snow gives Itawamba Co. a lovely winter time scene and thankfully we didn't see a snow flake in our area and this saved the blossoms on the Bradford pear and Redbud trees already in bloom.

We knew we were in for an early spring in North Texas when the daffodils raised their trumpets in early Feb. That means lots more stinging and biting critters that invade our habitat.

If anyone makes a bowl of "snow cream", please raise your spoon and toast to the memories of everyone that ever enjoyed such pleasures. Thanks bettye